DIY FRENCH DISPLAY CABINET - using discarded furniture parts

My number one favorite thing to do is to create furniture pieces using discarded junk. I built this amazing cabinet with a lot of common items I found at a Used building supply stores, thrifts stores, and some curb side treasure. Take a look through the following photos to see if there is something that might inspire you to get creative. 



Various wood trim left from other projects, unwanted oak desk, discarded drawers, an old TV cabinet, and a pair of discounted corbels found at the Used building supply store. 
Let me show you how these things were used.


Here is the before and after of the some dental molding that had been salvaged from an ordinary dresser

The sides and top were built using wood from the
 big desk.

The top edge profile is the wood of a drawer face.


The TV cabinet was used for the bottom portion and all the shelves were made from drawer fronts or backs.

I also re-purposed a touch light system in the top
taken from a modern cabinet that had been water damaged.

To see another cabinet I pieced together from parts follow this link here

vintage switch plates

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