HOW I DID MY TV GALLERY WALL - wall art in the bedroom

We had a challenging wall in our
bedroom to decorate. It is the wall 
opposite our bed so we would be
looking at all the time and it was 
pretty big for our small space.

First we brought the TV in only to find the little
32 inch tv we had for 10 years was too small for the space.
So it was time to upgrade to something bigger.
Then after a year of looking at the blank space
around the TV  I decided to do a gallery wall.
I had many beautiful frames I had collected so
maybe an amazing frame wall.
I thought about what do I have stored away that I 
love but can't see and certainly wasn't enjoying.

Light bulb moment ...
I had several cloth tote bags with images on
them and they could go in the different frames.
Then I just had to find them and figure out a layout.
The zebra is a shoulder bag from Disney World.
The Brick & Mortar Living and Not2Shabby are both
canvas totes from local stores who are also good friends.
White Hall Laundry is an actual laundry bag and the 
floral embroidery is an old IKEA pillow case, both we
found at yard sales years ago.

Most of the frames don't have any glass and I stapled the 
fabric to back sides of the frames. The zebra was behind
 frosted glass and sandwiched with cardboard.
The art next to the light switch changed a few times
until we found something we liked. It is an original oil 
painting with a nice balance of color.


if we have any shabby chic white hardware for your next project.



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