SHABBY CHIC TV STAND - long legs & gold paint

Our TV stand is completely unique and a
one of a kind creation I made from an old
2 drawer chest a friend gave me. The piece
needed a lot of attention in one way or
another but little did I know this is what
the end result was going to be.

 Below is the BEFORE picture.
She was spray painted gold with tons of runs all over, just very dingy.

And here she is refurnished and fixed up with new long legs, new hardware,
and a brilliant paint job.

She's painted with ASCP 50-50 mix of old and pure white,
but the finish was created by working with that horrible gold spray paint I mentioned earlier.

I using the gold and the rough finish of that paint job to create this look. After painting the
AS white layer I sanded heavy in one direction on certain pieces. (80 grit sand paper) You can see
 the different directions I used and how I did very little some panels.


The hardware is some great over sized pieces I had reclaimed from something else.
 I had to rebuild some of the frame to get the legs attached right, it's like the electrical in the walls
 you never quite understand that stuff but it makes everything look better on the outside.
I also added some wood appliques to the bottom front.

The 2 large drawers store a ton of stuff. They are bigger than you think,
and look at all that storage space underneath.


I am always getting creative in my studio creating unique shabby chic light switch plates
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  1. Beautiful! Tell me, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CLOCK (the oblong one in the last picture)!!! Yummy!