PAINTING PINE CONES - snow kissed pine cone tutorial

It must be that time of year again cause the erg
to create tons of holiday decor is upon me. Over
the weekend I took some time to build a few
wreaths for friends and family. And I wanted to
share a simple and easy trick to embellish pine
cones so they stand out and make a statement
on my wreaths.

In most of my evergreen wreaths pine cones are a staple. In many cases they start to look
ho hum or simply get lost in the other decorations. And how many times have you seem
those big gorgeous wreaths with snow covered pine cones.

All I needed was a little artist brush and some pure white paint.
I tried painting the pine cones before I put them on the wreaths and
also after they were on the wreaths. Both options seemed to work just fine.

You could also add some sparkles while the paint was wet if you wanted.

Here is the finished wreath (16 inches across) I made using the painted pine cones.


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