This is a great project for some spare time on the weekend or a project to build with a friend.

 This is an extra large wreath using full pages on the outer ring and half pages for the inner ring.

glue gun and glue
scissors & a box cutter knife
hole punch & string
sheet music (minimum 32 pages)
square of heavy box cardboard (min. 6 x 6)
Optional: center ornament

Start by wrapping your first page into a cone and secure with
 hot glue. It may take a few tries but you will get the
 hang of making the cones fairly quick. 

Run a line of hot glue down the side of each finished cone
and attach it to the last.

This wreath was made with 24 cones on the outside ring.
Usually you need somewhere between 21 to 24 cones for a wreath.

I stretch the connected cones into a circle to see how many more are needed. The circle will flatten out the more you stretch it.

The second layer of cones has used 23 cones.

The second layer of cones are glued over the seems of the first layer of cones. They are made with half size sheets of paper. 

Once the second layer is finished gently turn your wreath over.
You will feel how flexible the wreath is at this point.

Now attach some cardboard to stiffen up the wreath.
Cut your cardboard with a box cutter into a square
and hot glue into place.

Punch a hole for a hanging string in a corner of the cardboard 
backer. This step is easy to do with a paper hole punch just before 
you attached it to the wreath.

Measure and cut your hanging string extra long
(you can always shorten it later)
Thread it threw your cardboard and secure it with some glue.

I glued a paper pinwheel ornament in the center
of this wreath. You can use all sorts of different center embellishments including paper flowers. 


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