KITCHEN ISLAND UPDATES - white and turquoise

Lately each morning while working at the kitchen island
I have been hearing a familiar sound coming from outside.
It doesn't lasting long enough for me to get out there and 
before I know I am brushing it off as if I've just imagined it.
But yesterday morning I heard the noise again, and I was at
the front door taking some pictures, the sound was loud and
obvious and I rushed outside to investigate.

 Sure enough it was the same sounds I heard years ago on my very first vacation with
George. We had flown all day and after landing we drove in the dark to the place we
were staying. George had done this many times before but this all was new to me. Once
 we arrived at the place we were staying, we hustled our bags through the front door. It
 was a small place and the only light we got turned on was dim, just enough to make our 
way to the bedroom. We threw our luggage in the corner and fell into bed exhausted. I
 woke the next morning in a strange place with the morning light pushing past the curtains
 on every window. There was the most amazing sounds I could have imagined.  male 
mourning dove cooing his welcome to us from a Palm tree outside the front door. He
 did this every morning of my first Florida holiday and now it would seem as though we 
have another dove right here at home calling for his mate. 

look closely in the center you can see one of the doves from my vacation

Later that same year is when I built our kitchen island.  I found an
 old cabinet and a pair of saddle stools on Craig's List perfect for
 the plans that were rolling around in my head. 


It is just the two of use and we had tried a normal table and chairs
 but the space didn't work right. With the island I built it is one of
 the most used areas in our home. We eat dinner at it, I can do
 larger projects on the surface, and it is the extra counter space 
needed for cooking.

I started to do some updates in the kitchen recently and the island
 was the first to get a new look.

Below you can see the new look ...
The stools were painted in a distressed turquoise over white and the
 base cabinet was paint all white. I also changed the surface of the
island to something a little lighter looking, a blonde butcher block.

I had originally painted the island with latex paint and to repaint it
 with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I made sure to cut any grease with
 warm soapy water before getting straight to painting, no sanding

With the new look she reminds me of some of the small 
vintage cottages you can stay in when on vacation in Florida.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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