RAISED OVER $3700.00 - chairs for charity 2014

Chairs for Charity this year was another great success
with $3575 being raised at the evening event and an
additional $200 coming in later. This money will go
along way to buying toys for the many children the
Langley Christmas Bureau look after.

The most coveted chairs were the 2 gloss black & leopard print chairs each going to different people.
 My heart was racing during the live auction watching the crowd while the auctioneer goes back and
 forth with each bid. I wanted to jump in just to be apart of the action but my focus was on a silent
 auction item.
I was never captured in any of the event photos but I did take a head shot earlier in the day
 cause someone noticed my blog photo is getting old and I agree so it has been undated.
BEFORE             AFTER
Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Chairs for Charity,
especially my fellow craftsman & artists who donated their talents and skills.
See you all next year!

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