photo courtesy of Designs by Bobby-Jo

I purchased a metal LOVE sign mounted on black weather wood and framed in ASCP Cream from
 my friend Bobby-Jo of Designs by Bobby Jo. Be sure to stop by her FB page as she is one original
 creator. The combination of the black and cream was amazing and I wanted to add this to my
mudroom. I also purchased a storage bin she finished in the same colors perfect for the mudroom
 too. My mudroom houses all my Etsy stock so I need lots of storage and I need it to be a nice place
to spend a lot of time. I woke up this morning with a plan. The bench in the mudroom that I built and
 love, needed to go. It looks great in there and got used when the nephews visited but I need
something different. I started to build a new piece first thing this morning and finished it this evening.
 It was painted in ASCP cream to match the theme and has the new storage bin sitting on top and the
 love sign reflecting in the mirror.


BEFORE                    AFTER

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