I showed the beginning photos of my yard project yesterday but I didn't go into any details.
One of the details was that my cedar hedge is movable.
It is made of 3 cedar trees planted in boxes sit on a rolling platform.
The platform has large wheels that roll easy on rough ground. I found the platform at a yard sale
 years ago and it has been used for countless things around the house. I believe it was originally
 made for a plant nursery and had poles and shelves and takes a lot of weight. In the before photo
 below you can see the platform a bit better, the large wheels and on top it has a metal grate.
To hide some of the platform once in place I attached a board across the bottom front, like a skirt.
It is simply screwed into the wood planter boxes and hangs down over the front of the platform.
If you want to create a movable hedge or plant screen you don't need to wait and find a
platform like I did, you could build one with treated 2 x 4 lumber and giant castors.
Just make sure it is strong enough for the plants you want to use.
This area makes for a great place to stop and reflect and my movable hedge covers up
anything I want to hide behind it, like furniture bits and wood supplies.
The finishing touch to the spot was my old reading frog water sprinkler, how cute is he?

I still have a few more areas and things to share with you about my garden makeover,
so if your interested keep watching.

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