GILDERS PASTE - hardware update

I got my hands on some gilders paste recently and started to play with the colors I picked to turn a set
 of ordinary handles into something with age and patina. The handles I chose already had a coat of
 black paint on them which just added to the magic, but you can take any handles in any color and
breath new life into them again. I've been playing with this stuff on lots of different things so maybe
 you'll see more in future posts but for now lets keep working on these handles.
Baroque Art has a lot of colors to choose from but these are the 3 colors I choose to use for this project.
I applied it with my finger.
I used the Antique Gold first then added a second layer with the Sandalwood. All this was done
one after the other no real waiting for things to dry. The paste is barely moist to begin with.
With the 2 layers of color done I gave the handles a bit of a buffing with some paper towel.
Not too hard just to shine the colors up a bit. You can see the shine it leaves in the pics below.
The final step was to add a tiny pop with the color called PATINA, this amazing blue turquoise
the paste also comes in. Again I just dabbed it on my finger and hit the handle in a few places.
I got my Gilders Paste from Robyn Story Designs
go check out all the different colors she has available.

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