My favorite clock is a large roman numeral clock from a local home décor store.
I got it years ago and it is the main clock in my house I look to for the time.
It has moved around my house many times and has also made it into many photo shoots.
It has such a classic look and it feels like a giant pocket watch with the ring on top.

It first made it's debut sitting pretty in the middle of my Frightening to French shelf,
along with a smaller clock higher up. This is good evidence for my secret love of clocks.



I collect clocks!

I don't buy expensive clocks, or stick to just vintage wind-up ones. I don't have many mantle clock
 but I do have clocks I love and they have all been a good deal and many have great memories. 
Modern, old, and even broken I'll do my best to give them a home if I fall in love. I like to look
 for clocks where I visit, they are a great reminder of time spent.

The little angel clock is from the dollar store over a 12 years ago.

I have had most of my clocks for years including this Big Ben alarm clock I bought at a yard sale.

Mt newest clock is for my nightstand and it plugs in, no checking the battery on that one.

My collection recently got a space of it's own ...


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  1. I've been following your blog for the past several months and enjoying it. I have lots of inherited old mahogany furniture that I am planning to paint and I'm "taking lessons" and working up my nerve with your blog. I'm about to start the first piece and I wonder if you would mind advising me about what sort of varnish to use. I have a ladies sewing table that could be as old as the Civil War. It appears to have been "home made" but is really lovely. The top opens to reveal a small drawer that also slides out. It's quite tall, at least 36", and has a foot rest that once was red velvet. The top is veneered with lovely patterned dark wood that meets at a point in the center. It needs to have the old varnish removed but I know that can sometimes reduce the value. So two questions for you if you don't mind. First, should I refinish it? And if so, what varnish should I use? I really don't want to polyeurothane it. I hope you don't mind my asking.

    Libbie in eastern North Carolina

  2. wonderful clocks and settings** could you please tell me where you found the music sheet paper to cover books in? thank you so much genevie ( lora

  3. Lovely clocks. I was at Ikea yesterday. They had a cute clock that almost came home with me. A vintage 'look' alarm clock. I was so surprised how much had changed at Ikea. Worth the trip into the city.




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