Purchase décor items that fit your space.
These days there is always a smaller option. Years ago I purchased a wonderful (full size) vintage
globe for George, but it ended up being too big for our little space. Everywhere it was displayed it got
bumped or got in the way of something else. We let go of the large one and I found this smaller
version at HomeSense, and it works perfect for our space.

Keep in mind how tall your ceilings are.
When buying light fixtures consider how tall the fixture is compared to your ceilings height and where you want to place them in your room. If hanging over a piece of furniture you have some extra
room like our bedside chandeliers below. But be aware when you are dressing or towel drying your 
hair after a shower you can easily hit a low chandelier with your hand or arm.

Be aware of the depth of furniture.
When considering measurements for a new piece of furniture the depth is just as important in a small
 space as the height and width.

Make sure your chairs push in.
Whether it is a desk chair, bar stool, or dining chair make sure they fit under their respective furniture
 to keep walk ways clear when your not using them.

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