This weekend has been filled with all sorts of fun ppl,
unexpected encounters, and a great deal of running around.
All to be expected when you are putting your best foot forward and showing off your wares.
But this weekend started almost a month ago when I helped a fellow
blogger / repurposer get through her market.
I'm pleased to introduce you to Jen of Jentiques
Some of you attended the vintage market
held in Maple Ridge several weeks ago but most of you didn't realize I would sort of be
a vendor there. That's because it wasn't official and a tad last minute. I promises Miss Jen of Jentiques
if she felt over extended through this busy season all she would have to do is
give me a few days notice and I would pull together what ever I could to fill in the gaps.
After all as she puts it I live in a museum of vintage things so it wasn't that hard. 

The picture above is Jentiques booth the morning of set up (looks amazing as is)
It truely had the feel of a little vintage store inside of this big barn.
The picture below is after her fairy god mother emptied her truck.
Looks like I just cluttered things up.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jen and visiting with all my other vintage vixens (and John)
throughout the 2 day event. I found myself stopping into over a dozen different booths to chit chat
and take in the scenery. At one point I walked the isles with a feather wreath festooned upon my
 head, I snuck into several different booths to find a comfy seat to drink my hot chocolate and just ppl
 watch, and I even bought a table I proudly carried around for awhile showing off.
When I'm comfortable I tend to get goofy.
Shhhh!! I also bought another mirror. Good thing I let a few go recently.

 A few of the items that came home from this last weekend's event are a jewellery organizer
now listed on Etsy 
A lovely vintage window and large shabby chic mirror
listed on the MIRRORS page with prices and dimesions.
I've slowly started the Christmas decorating and as it comes together I will share the photos.

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