When I paint the frame of a mirror
I jump in and start painting, no
taping the mirror or masking it in
anyway. The secret is that I'm using 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which I
can simply .....

wash it right off the mirror after it the paint dries.

 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can also be distressed with water before waxing.
I like using wet kitchen sponges with a soft side and a coarse side.

 Once you achieve the look you want you can finish it with
wax or not! Because mirrors do not typical get handled
very much you can get away with not waxing them. Consider it's use in your home when making this decision. I have
waxed this one because it will probably get moved
around and used in future photo shoots.

Be brave and paint your mirror!


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  1. Beautiful pieces! I am with you on the not masking the mirror. I used to mask anything that touched glass, such as all the little window panes in my big window. What a pain! Then somebody told me to just paint, then use a single-edged razor blade to scrape the paint off the glass. Works like a charm, saves so much time. And washing it off is even easier. Can't wait to see the finished chair.

  2. Beautiful mirror. How easily you can remove AS Chalk Paint is one of it's best features. I have distressed with a wet sponge and it works great with no dust. Your work is always gorgeous.

  3. Wow! The mirror is a show stopper. Looking forward to following along with the chair... Can't wait to see the reveal :-)

  4. Just had to laugh! Thought you meant how to make the glass mirror distressed!!! This weekend in Oak Harbor, it's Pioneer Day's and I'll be having some furniture down there!! And oh yes have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, Mary Anne

  5. Never realized I could distress ASCP with water - even though I have used her paint several times. That was sort of a 'DUH-HUH' moment for me....thank you for the tip! Anxious to see the progress on the chair. I hope you will share the how-to's for that one - especially the 're-stuffing' part. I love your blog and read all your posts - such an inspiration. Thanks!

  6. This is just one of the cool things people can learn in Annie Sloan workshops! I love the ability to wet distress and totally agree with everything you have written here~keep up the cool projects!

  7. Love the mirror. I am now on the lookout for the perfect one to paint on my own.


  8. Thanks for all your inspiration through this blog. I love reading your tutorials with painting techniques. Your mirror is beautiful! -Angela @ Mrs. White Twig & Tea

  9. This Mirror is gorgeous! I too used to tape mirrors off but that got really old! A azorblade of even a Clorox Wioe takes paint (even latex) right off of glass/mirrors.



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