My week has just started and I'm stacked high with extra things to do.
Some of you already know that Sunday night George
had a bad accident in the kitchen making dinner.
I had to rush him to the ER for an 8 1/2 hour stay to get 7 stitches
to sew up an extremely deep slash to his finger.
This is where the extras come in for me because his hand will be
out of commission for a week or two I get to do extra house work
and serve his every ice cream request.
Trust me I do not mind because I love this man so much,
however I have my Auction chair for Charity that needs to be done this week.
I have to gather advertising and deliver the chair to the Glam It Up studio by Friday.
I have all the etsy stock to continue on my own.
I also have 2 dressers half finished but not sure when I can get back to them.
One in red and one in blue.

On top of everything I have a super giveaway for my local followers that I will tell you all about tomorrow. 
And finally I wanted to let you know in all this chaos we have started our very own Pinterest Page.
It is your one stop inspirational spot for furniture re purposing and refinishing based on
both this blog and firstfinds hardware.

NOTE: George was making pork loin, mashed potatoes,
carrots and glazed onion the night of the accident.
I came back home finished cooking and tupperwared his dinner to him in the hospital.


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  1. Oh poor George... hope his hand heals quickly. Don't you just love our medical system... 8 1/2 hour wait to stitch is insane.

    Tell George, I tried to get out of cooking that way too but it didn't work, so I stopped cutting myself...lol. Now I only keep dull knives in my kitchen.

    You are such a good wife Kristy... I would have waited for him to get home and finish cooking the dinner... hahaha... KIDDING!!


  2. George, what were you thinking? ;-) Gasp! No, seriously, wishing you a speedy healing. How aweful for you... Kristy, your work is amazing, and somehow you will get it all done. The chair already looks awesome, and I can't wait to see it all finished up! Congratulations you two on your Pinterest page - looking forward to checking it out!

  3. So sorry George is hurt. Any man that can, and will, cook like that should have his own guardian angel watching over him!

  4. Hi Kristie!!

    I remember as a kid I always tried to get out of doing the dishes with the famous line: "I need to go to the bathroom." And I would stay in there for as long as I could. My sister caught on and would wait for me to come out and then she would start washing the dishes and I had to dry.

    It doesn't work George!! You will heal and be all better soon and back in the Kitchen making great meals.

    Sorry to hear about the experience though. Need help Kristy? Call me I'm free this week.

    All my love

  5. Ack! I still remember the feeling of slicing thru a finger with a bread knife- poor George! Hope he feels better soon and for the record...ice cream cures everything!

  6. Heal quickly, George.
    I am so addicted to Pinterest. Glad to add you to my list.

  7. I knew from the get go that George and loin would be trouble.


  8. Oh, I hope George is better. As for you, take a couple of deep breaths. It will al get done eventually :)


  9. oooh-ouch! Hope he's better soon--but with all the EXTRAs for you, I hope YOU'RE taking care now too!