THE LIONS DESK - my desk

My new desk started with several broken or missing legs when I bought it.
I was able to removed what was there and repaired
what I could and these legs will be used for another project.

I've had a set of amazing antique claw feet waiting for just the right project,
(you can see them below)
what better project than my own shabby chic curvy white desk.

The desk wasn't a priority to work on as I had other furniture to get finished.
But then out of the blue I had a complete day of no creativity.
My Mojo was just gone!
It was unnerving, unsettling, and can you imagine how hard it was for George to be around me!
And what I mean is not a lazy day watching movies, I mean 0 creative ability yet tonnes of mess made.

Fortunately the next morning I was running full speed and created something unexpected.

I started working on this poor vanity piece that had it's legs cut short.
The pictures are deceiving, it is only 22 inches high.
I built a shelf display to add to the top with the intent it would be another great kitchen piece.

It looked good but I found there was a disconnect between the 2 pieces in style.
I white washed the back boards just before bring it in because of an impending rain storm. 

The only available place to put it while it was inside was on the new desk I was waxing.
In that moment we both stood back and agreed they belong together, and we were keeping it.

My new desk has been added to our home tour page,

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