THE LIONS DESK - my desk

My new desk started with several broken or missing legs when I bought it.
I was able to removed what was there and repaired
what I could and these legs will be used for another project.

I've had a set of amazing antique claw feet waiting for just the right project,
(you can see them below)
what better project than my own shabby chic curvy white desk.

The desk wasn't a priority to work on as I had other furniture to get finished.
But then out of the blue I had a complete day of no creativity.
My Mojo was just gone!
It was unnerving, unsettling, and can you imagine how hard it was for George to be around me!
And what I mean is not a lazy day watching movies, I mean 0 creative ability yet tonnes of mess made.

Fortunately the next morning I was running full speed and created something unexpected.

I started working on this poor vanity piece that had it's legs cut short.
The pictures are deceiving, it is only 22 inches high.
I built a shelf display to add to the top with the intent it would be another great kitchen piece.

It looked good but I found there was a disconnect between the 2 pieces in style.
I white washed the back boards just before bring it in because of an impending rain storm. 

The only available place to put it while it was inside was on the new desk I was waxing.
In that moment we both stood back and agreed they belong together, and we were keeping it.

My new desk has been added to our home tour page,

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  1. It looks great! I hate it when I loose my mojo, which is what I have been suffering from for the past month. Glad to see yours returned quickly!

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Well one day is not really loosing your mojo is it?...maybe it was a well deserved rest!
    Your pieces as always look stunning!

  3. First of all my sympathies to George for the mojo situation. I hope that doesn't happen on a regular basis. Second, it reminded me of the Mounds and Almond Joy commerical. Accidentally the nut appeared on your desk and it was a tasty result.


  4. good choice in keeping! i love that desk..... love!

  5. It happens from time to time but it sure looks like you got it back! (I've been in a funk for weeks.)

  6. LOVE IT! I love all of your projects! I'm a new follower and pretty new to blogland!
    I was surprised (pleasently) to see that one of your projects is one that I have pinned on my pinterest account! It's a little table that you put a shelf on top of! It was awesome!
    Thank you for all of your inspiration!
    I know you are super busy but if you get a chance, check out my blog and follow back if you'd like. Please just remember that it is brand new 0:-)

  7. HOW DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS?????????????????
    It's absolutely gorgeous Kristy!

  8. Great job! I just found your blog following a pin on Pinterest..and then, as I was enjoying reading back in your posts, I realized that you are from my neck of the woods. When you mentioned Langley, I figured that it was somewhere in the states...but no! I'm currently in Powell River, doing the furniture thing, but I just moved here a few years ago from Abbotsford. What I was super excited about was the fact that you mentioned where you get your ASCP from! I have been wanting to try it since following so many blogs, but did not think it could be found in Canada. Thank you for that very choice piece of information. I will be heading into the Lower Mainland soon, and will be stopping by the shop you mentioned.
    Thanks for sharing all your furniture pieces..its been amazing reading! I have added you to my reader, and look forward to your new posts!

  9. The desk looks stunning what a great job! pop on over to my blog something for you to check out

  10. I love your shelf display and your desk-They look perfect together! You are so talented!

  11. I am catching up on my reading today and I realize I have missed some really great posts by you. Love the desk you created, you know how I love it when you put different pieces together. I did not know that you were teaching classes. Have you written a post about it?
    Thanks for sharing.



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