CHIPPY FRENCH BEDSIDES - white nightstand cabinets

I just finished up a fun pair of bedside tables.

(FRONT LEGS) - I bought a broken antique table, ... okay let me start that again.
I paid money for a dozen little pieces of wood that used to be a table with pretty legs.
There was no top and in the end I was fortunate that I found all the other pieces but
I didn't know when I handed the money over.

(CABINET) - The body of these nightstands were a part of a cute set I purchased on Craig's list.
Not my usual playground but they worked perfectly for my plans. 


The ceramic and metal knobs I brought back from our time on vacation.

The drawers have a great decorative arched detail on the face.

(BACK LEGS) - I finished these cabinets off with another set of legs on the back side
from a simple Bombay stool cut in half.

You can also find a side by side before and after pic here.

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