HOW TO REMOVE WATER MARKS - blue maple dresser

This projects will show you a few different things you can do with a furniture makeover. First is the awesome blue color that was created and before we are done I will show you HOW TO REMOVE WATER MARKS.


I love mixing different shades of blue. This time I mixed equal parts of bright white and Provence, both ASCP colors. It's a pretty medium blue shade and I am very happy with the finished look. 

I fixed a bunch of stuff and replaced a missing wood piece.

I have never been fond of the screw covers used on this era of
 maple furniture, and one was missing on the leg of this piece, so I fixed that with a cover up.

Now to the reason you came by ...
  *HOW TO*
remove those white water marks from your furniture.

Use a hot iron on a lint-free cloth placed over the stain
moving back and forth. I did leave my iron in place for some
of the more stubborn areas. Be cautious with your first attempt.

It did take some time for these water marks to come out but
it really works. I also found if I let the area cool between 
attempts it would work better.

BEFORE ....................................... AFTER

In the end I painted the top of the dresser but I am super 
happy I was able to share with you HOW TO REMOVE
 WATER MARKS for pieces that won't be painted.

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