SHABBY CHIC ADDITION - french bedroom cabinet

Found at an auction,
No one else seemed to want it but we did pay a fair price for it.

It looks pretty good here but this photo was taken after some nasty
broken chrome handles were removed and a good cleaning.

I found old newspapers from England laying in the drawers
 I took advantage of the perfect timing and lined Sonja's Union Jack top drawer with them
days before she picked it up.

I enjoying working with color but it's so pure to work with a distressed white finish.

I sprayed this cabinet in old white chalk paint

and brushed bright white chalk paint on the corner accents to cordinate with
the bright white I chose to use on the hardware.

Look at those legs,
they provide a fabulous space for a basket to sit underneath

Are you ready for a fun Sunday morning inspirational post.

We did some christmas shopping at a large local nursery
and I snapped lots of photos for all of you to get the holiday mood flowing.
So tomorrow morning grab your coffee or tea before sitting down and reading your email.

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  1. I love when happy things happen by chance and the newspapers in the drawers could not have been more perfect for the Union Jack! This also turned out beautifully!

  2. Oh, wow, what an amazing transformation! It's just beautiful.
    :) CAS

  3. It's beautiful!!! Something like that would look so good in my bedroom. Too bad you are so far away :(

  4. This is gorgeous! What a beautiful cabinet and I love it in it's new pure color. Deb

  5. It looks beautiful! My husband would have a heart attack if he saw that you painted it white. He has spent years restoring old pieces for people that have been painted over the years to their original finish. The only time I've ever heard him curse is when he finds a lovely old piece that he says "has been ruined with paint". LOL - Personally, I like them better painted.

  6. It looks great, but I'm curious why you didn't restore this piece instead of paint it? It looks like burl walnut, which is not a cheap finish. It's hard to tell from the distance shots, but was the veneer in bad shape? Other than the nasty handles, you didn't say if the wood was in too far gone to restore.

    Since you didn't really address it in your post, I'm curious, not criticizing. I think that everyone has a preference when it comes to whether or not they love painted or refinished wood. Most men, like Glenda states above, prefer wood unpainted, but some pieces are just too far gone to restore, thus making painting the best option for the piece.




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