Fall again and most of my photos have to be taken in doors,
in the dim light of our home.

During the colder darker winter months I am always checking the weather forecasts
planning my next photo shoot.
So you can say some of my days revolve around the sun. 

Our home is too small for a dedicated photo space so I have to plan the right timing,
rearrange furniture and current projects all to get the right shots.

To get great angles of my furniture I crawl, climb, crouch, and get creative.
One time the fridge was in the way to get the right distance I wanted so
I opened the fridge door and took the shot with the camera from inside.

I enjoy getting great close up shots that capture the fine details of my work
or the beauty of the hardware I chose.

When we are out shopping I'm always on the look out for
beautiful things that I can used in my photos.
Like this little silver bird purchased at The Passioate Home in Langley
and sterling goblet I found second hand.

I have imagined this desk with different looks in my space.


Which look is your favorite?





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  1. You do a really nice job on styling your photos. There is something to love about each vignette; I don't think I can choose a favorite. I'm dreading having to take photos inside this winter. Midwest winters are dark, and the light is not good in our home.

  2. I love the first one. But all are great.

  3. I like it best staged as as a vanity; LOVE your lamps - they're cute as heck! And the black and white table ties it all together.

    I like the lighting best in the picture w your cool blue chair.

    ps- I need a GIANT cup of coffee this morning. I have an entire lobby of a bank to stage with furniture by next week Friday (which I'm just starting today) and I just realized I have Locktite not only in my hair, but in my eyebrow! Stop laughing!!!

  4. oops, I mean chair, black and white chair ties it all together. Forget the coffee, I'm eating the beans!

  5. I love them all but the 'work' one is my favourite.

  6. I like #2 ~ but with #1 chair =)

  7. Very pretty! I'm partial to Vintage, so that's my vote, but all the stylings are awesome. I have trouble with the light and space in my little house too - contortions are the norm if I try to shoot indoors :)

  8. They are all pretty great. I would say that my favorite is the Vintage. Nice job


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