SPRAY PAINTING A WOODEN CHAIR - turquoise wood chair

The plan for this chair was to donate him to a charity auction
makeover event, but the description of eligibility was to also have a fabric seat. Needless to say he didn't qualify and had to stay with me for a makeover of my choosing.

SWHI - single white
with some hygiene issues

I gave him a good shower, a scrub behind the ears, and worked out some of the rough spots.

I mixed a fun color of turquoise using chalk paint and sprayed him.

There was no creaking or groaning from this guy
because of the metal rods that had been built into the frame work.

The next step to this mini makeover was to sand back some of the paint
layers to expose the thick white enamel paint underneath.

The more I worked at it the more wood I liked showing thru.

Minwax paste finishing wax was used to give him baby soft skin.

That's how you spray paint a wooden chair turquoise.

My rugged and handsome chair is now perfect added to this ladies writing desk.

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