RESIZING A BEDFRAME - antiqued black bed

This bed frame was originally an odd size, maybe something from
Goldilocks and the three bears.
Too wide to be a queen yet too short to be a king.

Using the sliding compound mitre saw I cut a total of 14" off the head and foot boards

Making it just right for a queen size mattress and boxspring and hopefully Goldilocks too.

The rails were each cut shorter by 2" but still needed a support built for the
boxspring or cross supports to sit on.

I used some hardwood frame pieces from an MDF dresser that had seen better days.

When using second hand lumber there is usually a bit of stripping needed.
Above you can see several staples had to be removed.

Once cut to fit the length of your rail, drill counter sink holes every 16"

Then predrill thru for your screws to attach to the rails.

Then screw your new supports to the bottom edge of each rail.

Next secure your hardware brackets to your rails before measuring the right width on each post.
In this case, a queen size is 60" wide.

I've used ajustable brackets for the head and foot boards as well
so the entire bed can be adjusted to fit where ever it is set up.

I distressed the entire bed frame with a coarse 50 grit, then 240 grit, and finally a 400 grit.
I was ordered into the shower afterward as I was black from head to toe.

The frame was finished off with 3 coats of Minwax wipe on poly.

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