A QUEEN WITH BUN FEET - white antiqued bedframe

I started this bed last week along with a few other pieces so I have been rotating
between them all.

This queen bed in an antiqued finish is finally completed.

Before I was able to get to the fun part of this make over
I had to get down and dirty with the before.

and do some interesting repairs that I'm sharing with you.

The bottom of each post had some damage in the form of missing wood.
It was simply a bad design to start with.
Over the years each time the posts hit the ground hard enough bits would break off.

So a new design was needed, in the form of new feet.
Here enters the bun feet, some wood filler, and finishing nails.

You need the nails to act as a stabalizer for the filler.
Like rebar is to concrete.

I nailed them part way in where the wood is missing.

Start filling in the voids with your wood filler.
This product is good for small areas. For larger ones I would try Durhams Water Putty.

Then start to shape it with your finger. It does take a day or so to completely harden.

Once it starts to harden

I screwed the bun feet in and adhered them with glue.

Here you can see it sanded fairly smooth.

Some areas needed a bit more filler so I filled again, let it dry, and sanded once more.

This bed is really pretty with the dark original stain coming thru.

It is finished in Min Wax wipe on Poly.

It has adjustable rails.

and I installed supports for your cross bars.

Here is a sneak peak at what's in store tomorrow:

These Twins can be found here

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  1. It's gorgeous! I love that the "new" feet are heftier in size; they fit beautifully with the overall look of the bed.

  2. Beautiful! Great job on those feet!

  3. Great job...looks fantastic!

  4. Love this bed and the sneak peek at the twins. Thanks for sharing at WOW.

  5. You're so smart! Looks like they always belonged, and the bed is probably at a better height now!

  6. Clever, artistic too.

  7. What a beautiful bed frame!

  8. Fabulous ~ I love the fix too, my table bun feet need that... Thanks for sharing

  9. Love how it turned out. The new feet blend perfectly, you're a handy gal!!

  10. Wow you did a great job...I love it!

  11. Wow, an amazing transformation...I love it!

  12. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing the process.
    I am so happy to be a new follower from White Wednesday.

  13. I am so flippin' impressed! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Tootles, Kathryn http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2011/08/goodwill-artwork.html

  14. This is beautiful! I must tell you about Durham's Rock Hard Putty. This stuff comes as a powder, in a can. You mix (with water)only the amount that you want, to the consistency that you want. It's great for molding missing parts, like on your bed. I was able to repair a chair leg that a dog had chewed off a good sized chunk of. This stuff is amazing and sooooo cheap! I got mine from either Home Depot or Lowe's and was only a couple of bucks.....lasts forever!!

  15. Meant to add this link to my comment....check it out!

  16. How pretty. You always put me in the mood to paint something! Thanks for linking this great project to Fab Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle

  17. I like how you put those bun feet on the bottom. Can you please tell me if you have ever had your paint yellow after covering it with the wipe-on poly? I have had that happen, not right away but almost a full year later and I haven't figured out if it was the type of paint I used, or what, so I'm curious if you've seen it happen?



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