ROBIN'S EGG BLUE - vintage side table

  I spent a nice quite afternoon
  on my deck tinkering away
  at this little table.

The top was loose so I re-glued and nailed it back in place.
Then stripped, sanded, and primed it in white. I did not remove
all the original paint, I wanted high and low spots to play with the
 distressing process.

The color I used was Robin's Egg Blue,
just a small tube of craft paint over the white primer.

The inside of the drawer was primed then
painted in a darker turquoise.

Then I had fun sanding all the imperfections, to make them perfect!
I really do like distressing paint. I chose to hand sand rather then 
use an electric sanded. It offers more control and I don't think the 
swirl marks left my an electric sander look very realistic.

Finally finished it off with a single bright white flower knob.

BEFORE    &       AFTER

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  1. Nice! I really like the color. I've been playing around with a similar shade of blue. The knob is a nice touch.

  2. I love it! Its so dreamy! I am so friggin jealous of your talent girl! I might have to pick this one up if its around when I get home.

  3. great little table . i love the color
    sooo cute!!!

  4. Love the color and the shape of that little jewel is wonderful!

  5. A beautiful little romantic table.
    Fab colour.

  6. Very sweet little table in a great color!

  7. Ribin's Egg Blue is such a pretty color!

  8. How darling!! I love the color. I love little projects like this, they're so satisfying :)


  9. This is too cute! I have some blue spray paint, fingers crossed whatever I end up doing with it will turn out as awesome

  10. Oooh... my favorite color! Love what you did with that sweet little table :)

  11. A great little shape and one of my favourite colours.

  12. I love the color, visiting from BNOTP, your transformations are great and tutorials as well..Happy I found you..[also Canadian but from the opposite coast]. Smiles.

  13. Thanks so much for becoming my 400th follower! I will email you about sending some hand crocheted dish cloths to you. I will also be having a followers giveaway in the near future.

  14. Hi, visiting from BNOTP. I love the color you chose for the table and the table itself is super cute. J

  15. Great little table. I love nightstand redos and your is beautiful!

  16. I LOVE this did an awesome job!!!!

    I found this post at DIY by Design's Swing into Spring Party.

    I am definitely a new follower and will be going back through your older posts to see what else you've done :)

  17. I love it! I really like that color. Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower. I hope you can visit me sometime.

  18. very pretty color. Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.



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