DIY FRENCH HEADBOARD - building with pieces

Every now and then I get an itch, a nagging desire to change something in our house. I start to focus on it, maybe something isn't working right for us or the look of something is bothering me. GG has even given it a name ......

"AWEFULIZING" The wheels start to turn in my head, and
over the years he has learned to recognize it. As soon as he
 sees it, he tells me to stop awefulizing. The truth is if I didn't
 awefulize over it I would not be able to create. It's part of my
 process, it's the main component to how I do what it is I do.
Now that brings me to our headboard. I always wanted a
 tufted headboard, one stop into Sleep Country way back
 when and I bought one. We both like it but it also lacked my
 personal touch or something unique to us, which has
always bothered me.

ABOVE - the headboard with it's intended look

BELOW - my spin on things, by turning it upside down


ABOVE - the freshly made over bed room

BELOW - what this room looked like in the beginning

AND NOW ......


Our updated french #headboard. Tufted Fabric part is from @sleepcountrycan and hung on the wall with a #frenchCleat - Carved #woodwork is repurposed from a broken #armoire and painted with #AnnieSloanChalkPaint - #SheerCurtain panels 36" long from the #thriftstore - #BedCrown was a #RoadsideTreasure that is made of pine, originally a window valance box.

You can always follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood

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