SAVING SOME HISTORY - preserving a wood cabinet

I had the pleasure of preserving an antique cabinet. She was really pretty from the outside, super old, hand made once upon a time and had lots of ware. The inside was another story, rotting and falling apart were just a few of her issues. It had been a rodent retreat for some time. They chewed large holes in the wood and did their business all over the poor girl. There were also multiple repairs done over the years leaving a large selection of different nails to be dealt with. The wood had shrunk so much there were ....

gaps between every back board and door frame. So many 
spaces between boards in the drawer bottoms you couldn't
 put anything in them with out finding stuff slipping through
 into the cupboard below. The door hinges were rusted and 
seized and I would have to find just the right size screws to
 get the doors secured and working again. But enough of the
torment, please have a look at the photos I took along the way.

deal with the bottom,
this is the part that smelled the worst!



remove the back and rebuild inside,
this is tons of work no one ever gets to see


fix all the drawers and doors,
this is fussy meticulous work you need great patience for, glad I have some.


clean and clear coat the whole cabinet,
this part you get to smell some different things, better things.

secure the crown and top shelf,
OH the nails, all the teeny tiny nails, many going in and more coming out!

Smile .... you're done,
this truly is the moment you puff out your chest and be proud


Realistically there are a lot more little steps involved to 
accomplish a project like this, but I have shared the
big ones with you and some humor I hope you'll appreciate.

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