HAPPY MOTHER's DAY - our bedroom

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful woman who inspire,
nurture, and go way beyond.
Today is the day you should do NOTHING. Rest, relax, rejuvenate, and relinquish the
reigns to someone else today
and see if the world does explode.

My daughter has already visited and I have already visited my
Mother so the rest of today belongs to me and I promise I will
be relaxing and enjoying the view.

These curtains are inexpensive silky white tab curtain I have
 had for 8 years. I have used them all over the house for 
different things. I bought them at JYSK and they always wash
 very well. After this photo was taken I double up and hung 
another panel to give them a fuller look.

This french cabinet is a giant and has been with me for about
 6 years. It was painted with semi gloss latex paint and 
distressed with heavy duty sandpaper. One of the very unique
 hinges doesn't work so a cabinet door is useless and the top
 needs refinishing. All of which I will get to one day.

This basket with liner was a gift card purchase from
 HOMESENSE on my birthday. I even carry it outdoors with
 me when I go to cut flowers because it has a nice large wire
 handle. The preserved boxwood topiaries are also from 
HOMESENSE several years ago.

The chandelier is one of two hanging in the room and was
something brand new from a lighting department that I made
 to look more regal. I added eyelash trim with beads from 
HOBBY LOBBY to the shades, I also embellished the 
chandeliers with hanging crystals by drilling holes in the 

The iron wall sconce is a treasure I purchased from The 
Passionate Home. I loved it when I first saw it but have 
always had trouble finding the right spot in our home until 
now.  And finally the vintage window on the wall is very large 
with nine panes and just about the same length as the 
cabinet, but that will have to wait for another day.



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  1. Hi Kristy!!

    I hope that you've had a great day!!

    I love your bedroom corner!! Everything fits together perfectly and I just love your French Cabinet!! I find the vintage furniture pieces are always heavy!!

    Have a great week!!





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