Once upon a time someone spent time and money
to build this little black cabinet, and actually they
built a pair of them. They were definitely built to
last however I thought they could benefit from
some improvements. A color change for sure,
maybe add some interest on the drawer, and
potentially lift them up higher with new legs.

I had a set of 8 long hardwood legs I could use on these black boxes but first I had to remove the
 rectangle of wood on the bottom. I checked to see if it was screwed together and found it was built
with nails. I used the back side of my hatchet like a hammer to get rid it. I even found a piece of the 
wood in the yard that had flown 12 feet away. It is a good thing no husbands are lurking around while
 I work they may get hit with flying debris.

Once the rectangular bases was removed that left all the nails sticking out the bottom.

To get the nails out I used my pliers to pull them all the way through they way they were started. 
This nail trick only works for finishing nails but most nails used on furniture are finishing nails.
This trick causes no damage to the other side as opposed to hammered them backwards and priding them out.

Grab the nail firmly and roll the pliers over and the nail will start to come.
The longer the nail the more likely you will have to readjust your bite on the nail farther down.
I hope this nail trick might come in handy for one of your future projects.

I will offer some more tips to how I transformed this pair of bedsides in the coming days.


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