HOW TO REMOVE WATER MARKS - blue maple dresser

I love mixing different shades of blue.
This time I mixed equal parts of bright white and Provence, both ASCP colors.
It's a pretty medium blue shade and I am very happy with the finished look. 

Things are starting to get back to normal around here, normal being a relative term to our way of life.
Lots of power tools, painting, styling furniture, photography, and furniture hunting.


In the hunting part of that last statement I acquired this solid maple dresser.

I fixed a bunch of stuff and replaced a missing wood piece.

I have never been fond of the screw covers used on this era of maple furniture,
and one was missing on the leg of this piece, so I fixed that with a cover up.

Now to the reason you came by ...
  *HOW TO*
remove those white water marks from your furniture.

Use a hot iron on a lint-free cloth placed over the stain
moving back and forth.
I did leave my iron in place for some of the more stubborn areas.
Be cautious with your first attempt.

It did take some time for these water marks to come out but it really works.
I also found if I let the area cool between attempts it would work better.

BEFORE ....................................... AFTER

And yes I painted the top in the end but have been waiting for a good piece (or bad) to
show you how to do this.

You can find a side by side before and after pic here.

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  1. I love it. I'm getting ready to paint an old dresser for my entry way. Two options because I have to try something different.... Either a bright color or something with words, or hey maybe something bright and with words!


  2. Oh my GOSH, what a brilliant tutorial, thank you so much! I really love your idea for covering up the plugs at the bottom of the dresser, it makes a huge difference!

  3. Woohoo! So simple to get rid of watermarks now that I know how! Thank you~

  4. What a great looking piece that turned out to be. I don't like those little plugs either but if you aren't painting the wood you really need them to cover up the screw holes.

    I never knew how to get rid of water marks before. GREAT idea and one I will surely try. I am assuming this is dry heat and not steam heat~Thanks-xo Diana

  5. Wow, I had no idea that's how can get water stains out of a piece of furniture. I am definitely book-marking this great piece of information! The paint job looks great as well.

  6. Kristy,
    Thanks for the tip :) great restyle too! I love the distressing.

  7. That came out really pretty~i like the coverup idea!

  8. I am wanting to try chalk paint on a piece of furniture, but I keep reading that people who use it put on a coat of wax afterward. Could you please tell me what kind of wax to use. Do you use paste wax like Johnson & Johnson paste wax for wood floors? Is it a lot of work? Thanks.

  9. Love the idea of covering the hole for plugs! I have been replacing them, your idea is better! Your very helpful and thanks for the water mark tip, I have used a few, but will try this! Have a good Spring Kristy!

  10. Great tip! I love the way the dresser turned out! Those little carved details are perfect and the color is gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. That is a beautiful dresser! I love it!
    Thanks for linking up to the Creative Inspirations Party at Embracing Change!
    So happy you were here!