20 FURNITURE APPLIQUES that will keep you inspired


Appliques and wood decorations are a fun and clever way to add ornate design to a furniture or cabinet project. Wood
appliques can usually just be glued into place. When you start thinking outside of the box you will
need something stronger to mount cast iron ornaments like
on this blue dresser 

You can cut wood appliques
to get different looks

These drawers were embellished
with plastic appliques made
from garden fencing 

These drawers were given a
sweet decoration in the middle also
from plastic garden fencing
Antique door decorations look quite
different depending how they are finished 

Pair them with an oversized
knob for a dramatic look.
Metal decorations need to be
attached with screws like this
cast iron embellishment 

These metal cast iron pieces
along side the mirror
were attached with screws 

I've re-purposed these ornate bits
from other garbage furniture

When you have left and right
turn them to see all
the different possibilities


Check if that picture frame will work
as an applique on your next project
Headboards are a great place to add
appliques to define your style 

Another headboard decorated
with a large wall decoration. 
These double urns were perfect cover
ups for some old holes in the wood

Again these corner appliques 
hide holes in the wood

Use an applique to embellish a glass
door by sticking it on
with double sided tape

Make custom appliques with bake-able
polymer clay like these one-of-a-kind
key hole escutcheons

The embellishments above and below
the mirror are from a plastic spoon rake

Appliques make a romantic statement
on the bottom edge of furniture 

Customize by cutting out the wood
to the shape of the decorations

I've used appliques to hide old screw
holes or damage to wood. Appliques can
change the shape of furniture and even
change the era it may seem to belong to. 


vintage switch plates 

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