LISA'S NEW VANITY - matched vanity mirror & stool

Soft Turquoise paint project.

This desk was first shown on my blog last February for the
COPY ME CHALLENGE, a fun contest put on by 2 well known bloggers.
You can see my entry for the COPY ME CHALLENGE here
It has been used as a desk until I found something that worked better.

I also had this perfect little stool for it.

Here you can see both the desk and stool used in our guest room.
You can find this guest room transformation here.

I had a stool and a desk but still needed a mirror!
This is where my mother's old dresser comes in.
Her dresser is going to end up getting painted like ...

To read about my first Union Jack dresser go here

The mirror is a perfect fit to the desk and stool.

So desk, stool, and mirror now become a pretty vanity set
and the second project I used chalk paint on.

This time I brush painted it and again I enjoyed the process very much
and I only used a small amount of paint.

2 things I wanted to try were ...
 to paint the hardware, which came out perfectly, the paint adheres so well.

and to see how it would remove if painted on a mirror.

The conclusion to the mirror is ...

It cleans up very simply with water and a cloth.

She's the perfect set! So remember to look for similar styles in your thrifty finds and
maybe just maybe you can pair them up to create something like this.

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