WHITE ART DECO DESK - with vintage white hardware

I am not a real fan of art decor
style furniture. But I do have 
to admit it is all made with 
nice solid wood which is great
to work with. When I started 
working on this vanity/desk 
project I never dreamt it 
would turn out as good as
it did. Let me know your 


Labour day came and the sunshine came along with it.
In the nice weather I worked on this cute little art deco desk.
I sprayed it with a 50% - 50% ASCP mix of Old White & Pure White, and lightly edge distressed it before hand waxing. 

The knob on the middle drawer is new, it's a fun acrylic bead
 and rhinestone knob, but I don't think you can tell from the
 photos that it is quite large and really pretty. I filled 
the original holes on the six side drawers so I could pick whatever
size handles I wanted. The desk was all finished but the filler
 had to dry over night. I was so anxious to pick the handles I 
pulled a whole basket from my stash and spread it out on the
 bed. Of course when George comes to bed there has to be
 something said, "what is going on here" and he emphasizes it
 like Scott from The Canadian Pickers. Before you know it he 
is helping me chose handles for the desk.

The handles we chose were salvaged earlier this year from the
 dresser vrs. vehicle grudge match. See photo below ...
For those interested in that story:
click--->  https://bit.ly/2Jc7nQR   <--- ---="" click="" span="">


I took notes while installing the new handles to share.
That article can be read here:
click--->  https://bit.ly/2GHgYRi   <---click font="">


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