Even when I'm on vacation I can't seem to stop surrounding myself with chipped paint, rusty metal, vintage wood, sparkling crystals, and white painted furniture.
Surprise, surprise!!!


During a trip to Fredericton New Brunswick I happened into
 a wonderful shop called Savour Decor. When George realized
 the owner was someone he knew it wasn't a huge surprise
 because George is from Fredericton and spent half his life
 living there and raising a family.

It was our first morning of exploring downtown Fredericton,
 we found a parking spot and plugged the meter with some
 coins before heading over to Queen street. I rounded the
 corner and it was the first shop I saw. And this is not the first
 time I've done that, I seem to have a nose for these things.

Once I got passed the lovely displays in the front windows
 and through the front door the whole store opened up with
 so many beauty things I didn't know which way to look next.
I took some photos to share with you.





While we were visiting I got to meet another local artist who
 does furniture, and George got to reconnect with the shop
 owner and her brother and I'm sure some lost memories.

Of course now I was already planning new projects for when
I got home. Who won't be inspired by this place, Great Job Janice!


Savour Decor closed their doors to pursue another venture

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