HOW TO BUILD A CONSOLE TABLE - furniture recycling

This will feel like deja vu to some of you that the last post about the first gate leg table I did. I had two of them marked at $5 at our yard sale yet neither sold. I always feel bad for the stuff left behind and it some how re-invigorates me to find the time to give things a second chance.

Here is a good look at both the tables but the front one is
 the one that took me much longer to makeover because it
 needed a lot more patience. The veneer on all the flat boards
was lifting at the edges and on both sides of each piece.
fold downs also had warped so gluing and
would take days. Both tables were roadside
trash/treasure. Someone had probably left them outdoors
exposed to the weather from the state they were in.

This table had a shelf on the bottom and was just so
 pretty. I am a sucker for vintage wood.
I unscrewed the the top boards and started the
 long process of gluing and clamping all the lifting veneer on
 the bottom self. I'm using a kitchen butter knife to get
 the glue between the layers.


While the glue was setting up I start to count all the 
hinges I got from these recycled tables.

I reattached the original top board after it was fixed and I left
 all the old paint splatters and left over varnish on it when I 
painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I used a 220 grit 
sand paper very purposefully on the top to show all the 
unique levels of age it has.

After the distressing I used AS wax to make the top shine.
I have a short waxing video available to watch here:

Here are a few more transformations:

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