GET YOUR JEWELRY ORGANIZED - dressing room update

This time of year we all love to get organized.
As a present to myself I replaced my long
dressing room mirror with a hidden jewelry
cabinet mirror to help kick off some of that
much needed organizing. I had no idea what
I was missing until now. My jewelry has always
been in a box or drawer and I have never had
it properly organized. I was always spending
too much time untangling things to enjoy
wearing my jewelry. Over the holidays I got to
use the new cabinet and it's so much fun now
being able to select a piece to wear with just
a glance.

The little photo above shows what my old dressing mirror looked like, below is a look at the new
 hidden jewelry cabinet mirror I've installed. It is mounted on the wall with screws into the wall studs.

It was a very expensive and heavy tri-fold mirror that you got when you purchased a dresser at
one of those high end furniture stores. It was suppose to sit on a big long dresser and the hidden
 compartment was built into it. I found it sitting on the road side wrapped in plastic, never used
 and with the price tag still on it.  I removed the 2 small side mirrors and painted it in Annie Sloan
 Pure White with some distressing on the details. It had a push feature for the mirror to open but it
was damaged so I stapled a white ribbon to the back side of the door and a loop of ribbon sticks out
 so I can pull on it to access inside.

I apologize to all the hubbies out there who might be asked to build something similar but
 understanding that this will help your wives get ready faster might also help you. The concept 
is easy, it is a framed wood box with a backer board mounted to the wall and the door is hinged
on the box. All the fancy frame work can be added after.

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