This year I put my Christmas tree in a vintage 7-UP crate. Our tree is a gorgeous faux blue spruce
4 ft tall tree. I bought it years ago from The Bay in downtown Vancouver.
Below left you can see the tree is just being set up and started to get decorated.
Below right all the lights are strung and the tree is all trimmed.
When your family is young and you have children running around the house Christmas is very much
 about them. And this includes decorating for Christmas too. You trim the tree with the kids and each
 ornament you put on the tree brings back memories of past holidays. Once the kids have moved out
 and are setting up their own homes and their own trees it's time to decorate for yourselves. For some
it is a very hard concept but just like anything in life you must teach yourselves to do. 
Start out with the thought "I get to decorate the way I want"
And try to start early in the season so you have many days and nights to enjoy your hard work.
My house does not get Christmasified in a day, one area gets worked on each day over a week.
As each area starts to glitter with lights it spurs me on to want to do a little more somewhere else in our home.


Decorating for yourself to enjoy is just as important as decorating for your family to enjoy.

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