My Tiffany Blue is AS Provence mixed with Old White.

Once upon a time I found these curly legs at a yard sale. They were all by their lonesome
sitting a top a pile of junk. The aren't really legs they are called harp arms and held a mirror
on top of a dresser long ago. They are made of solid wood and perfect for lifting this small cabinet.

The nightstand is Canadian Made solid maple.

I found a door at the Restore. They have tons of doors with all the measurements handy so I went
prepared with my numbers and found one the exact size I needed. The hole was already in the door
 for the knob so I went with the placement. I know it is off from where we are use to seeing it
but I like it there.

BEFORE                          AFTER

I hand painted all the trim detail with AS Old White and distressed all the edges.
The knobs are amazing, the centers are crystal rhinestones and the gold and blue pedals are metal.

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