I'm always in the market for a piece of furniture that has been abused. Not ever DIY'er likes to repair
items or are comfortable with working with damage. In this case my night stand had quite a rough
surface from daily wear and tear. When you work with imperfections and want a vintage look
 highlight them, sand them more, help them stand out. That is where the character starts to show.

It is hard for each of us to see it as amazing because it is our own work. We were taught through out
our lives to color inside the lines yet today we covet those beautifully aged pieces be it authentic
age or reproduced by hand. It is all about breaking the rules.

Breaking the rules was the first thing I heard Annie Sloan talking about while she was on stage today
 at the Vancouver Home & Design show. We headed down town to meet up with the local stockist
and chat with Annie and hubby David while they are visiting beautiful British Columbia.

This chair Annie is sitting in was created for this weeks (Oct 24th) Chairs for Charity Auction. Like
 the creators using this colorful Annie Sloan fabric, I had fun working with the bright colors of
 the green jars I painted and sunflowers I used in my photo shoot so I ended up naming them

I added a cute vintage pair of cabriolet legs to the fronts of each cabinet. The basket where I keep
legs I find is getting very thinned out, I wasn't even sure I had these, but alas they were the perfect fit!!

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