I finally got around to working with these twin dressers I have. These are the type of pieces that you
 might have bought from Sears back in the day. They have a glossy white hard finish that is in pretty
good shape. The drawers had gold detailing around the edge and one face was broken in half.

I started by painting 5 of the drawers in a custom grey and left them in the hall to dry over night.
The sixth drawer I started to glue and repair to the point of repainting. That took days!!

To get the grey weathered fence board look on the drawers took 2 easy steps. I removed half of the
 grey paint by using a moist scrubby sponge and washed each face length wise. I let the faces dry
again before waxing them. Once the wax was dried and buffed I scrubby length wise again to remove
more of the grey paint. Each step removes the paint in a slightly different way and creates a unique
weathered board look. I love how the strong grey stands next to a bright white.

I uses 12 French provincial handles sprayed in a bright white oil base paint.

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