BEDSIDE CUPBOARDS - glass knobs and white paint

My back is a large part of why I finally chose to leave the work force.
I did love my job but I was coming home daily in so much pain it wasn't worth while anymore.

The other day as I began working on these bedside cabinets I bent over to pick something up.
Back issues are quite normal for me as I have been dealing with them for a
large part of my life and I am weakest holding things in front of me.
As I started to stand up I gave a little cough and a shooting pain ripped across my back. 

Needless to say I continued to work on these precious little guys,
but George was home standing over me making sure I took it easy.

We found them on our recent Thrift Shop Hop which turned into
a true Garage Sale Grind as we treated one lucky lady to a day filled with fabulous yard sales.

I painted them in old white, added new legs, and glass hardware.

The interior cabinets have been lined,

along with the drawers.

And here are a couple of the new treasures that can be found at

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  1. "Oh my back" was exactly what I said today after I sanded, waxed, and buffed furniture. I feel your pain!

    Love your furniture re-do's. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your ideas. LC

  2. Preciosas mesitas y los tiradores me han encantado, espero que tu espalda este mejorando.

  3. So you know, those two would make cute little kitchen pieces for my grand daughter too! I've been pinning ideas but need to find the furniture. They also make cute nightstands for bigger people.

    Hope your back quits giving your trouble. I can relate. I ain't as good as I once was.


  4. I hope George pampers you while your back heals. You deserve it.

  5. Having been dealing with back issues myself (& like you quitting my job to take time for healing), I can really sympathize!!! I continue to be in awe of all of your creativity & the awesome results!! LOVE it all!! Blessings!

  6. Oh goodness....I just visited your etsy shop & those bakelite handles were just calling my name!!!! They're gorgeous & I'm sure excited to have found them!!! So many pretties in your shop...I'll def return!!! Blessings! :)

  7. I just love how those little tables, cabinets and nightstands look when you are done. You do a great job on them. Smiles,Susie




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