BEDSIDE CUPBOARDS - glass knobs and white paint

My back is a large part of why I finally chose to leave the work force.
I did love my job but I was coming home daily in so much pain it wasn't worth while anymore.

The other day as I began working on these bedside cabinets I bent over to pick something up.
Back issues are quite normal for me as I have been dealing with them for a
large part of my life and I am weakest holding things in front of me.
As I started to stand up I gave a little cough and a shooting pain ripped across my back. 

Needless to say I continued to work on these precious little guys,
but George was home standing over me making sure I took it easy.

We found them on our recent Thrift Shop Hop which turned into
a true Garage Sale Grind as we treated one lucky lady to a day filled with fabulous yard sales.

I painted them in old white, added new legs, and glass hardware.

The interior cabinets have been lined,

along with the drawers.

And here are a couple of the new treasures that can be found at

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