THE JOYS OF BLACK WAXING - boys black bookshelf

I love to wax black paint!
I love to wax graphite chalk paint!
I really really do!
I hope if I say it enough it might make it true.
I've been playing around with these little cabinets for some time.
I wanting to transform them into a cute set of bedside tables. 

Ideally some baskets for the openings, second hand of course because that is what I do.
99% of ever bit I use is recycled!
My screws and nails are bought at yard sales and discount stores, buying wood at a
lumber store is out of the question, and if I want baskets for cubbies they must be repurposed.
Guess what .... I didn't find them.
At this point I started to work at combining the two together into some needful thing ...

The front legs are harp arms from a vintage mirror, the top is a maple coffee table,
and the lower trim is the apron from the same table.
Just in the nick of time I got a message "I need a bookshelf for my son's room"
With the dimensions I was given this piece would work!

This bookshelf would need just a bit more shelving on top so with the kind help
of some pine headboards I was able to crown it off just right.
Now I had to wax the beast! 
I hate waxing black paint!
I hate waxing graphite chalk paint!
No matter how often I do it I really don't enjoy it! 

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