THE JOYS OF BLACK WAXING - boys black bookshelf

I love to wax black paint!
I love to wax graphite chalk paint!
I really really do!
I hope if I say it enough it might make it true.
I've been playing around with these little cabinets for some time.
I wanting to transform them into a cute set of bedside tables. 

Ideally some baskets for the openings, second hand of course because that is what I do.
99% of ever bit I use is recycled!
My screws and nails are bought at yard sales and discount stores, buying wood at a
lumber store is out of the question, and if I want baskets for cubbies they must be repurposed.
Guess what .... I didn't find them.
At this point I started to work at combining the two together into some needful thing ...

The front legs are harp arms from a vintage mirror, the top is a maple coffee table,
and the lower trim is the apron from the same table.
Just in the nick of time I got a message "I need a bookshelf for my son's room"
With the dimensions I was given this piece would work!

This bookshelf would need just a bit more shelving on top so with the kind help
of some pine headboards I was able to crown it off just right.
Now I had to wax the beast! 
I hate waxing black paint!
I hate waxing graphite chalk paint!
No matter how often I do it I really don't enjoy it! 

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  1. Wow, I love all these pieces put together. They look amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. do you have a tip on waxing graphite chalk paint? i did it last week on the top of a dresser and it's not an even shine like my other pieces. Thought i had done something wrong and was considering putting another coat on or using the dark wax. your thoughts?

  3. Nononononono! you did-n't! This is goose-bump worthy!

    Re: baskets, I am on the same hunt, too! The closest I found was at Ross, at $4.99/ea which put me over budget. The right size is hard to find, yes, agree!

  4. Moaning in delight. Pinning as inspiration.


  5. I am always in awe of your creativity AND talent & this bookshelf is just awesome!! I love how everything is repurposed! Just wish I was closer to go on your thrift hop...can't wait to see what all you find!!! Thank-you so much for the inspiration you ALWAYS are! Blessings!

  6. Amazing amazingggg. Love it !! Hope you & George will continue your classes in the fall , I would love a chance to go to your thrifty/shopping class.This summer has been too busy with the kids and I have not made it to your class .
    Kelley @ The Upholsters Wife

  7. Beautiful transformation Kristi - amazing work as always
    P.S. I love Tobey - she's my soul mate!

  8. Kristy thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog, it really brought tears to my eyes, you are so sweet. I did a post about you because I am so inspired by you, you really have been a driving force for me this last month. I am always in awe of what you come up with.Thanks again Kristy you really made my day.
    Suzan, your going to make me cry again, thank you to both of you. what a great start to my day, looking for tissue now sniff sniff
    hugs Tobey

  9. You can slap pieces together like no other! I am always in awe of how amazing the things you create are! When I grow up I want to be just like you.....seriously! You are an uber talented lady!

  10. Wow! That piece is too awesome to be a bookshelf.. I love the idea of the baskets in there, it would make a great breakfront!

  11. You just never cease to amaze me with your creations! You are one talented lady!

  12. Dear Kristy, I am sorry I missed the Thrift Store hop today!
    this is the first weekend my husband and I are together for more than a month. It feels we have been away from each other the whole summer... we promised we would be together and do NOTHING.
    Of course we have always stuff to do but he got sick last night, yaaacks. Today he is better.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration, this bookshelf is beautiful!
    I am going to check Tobey's blog right now.

  13. What an incredible transformation! So impressed that every bit is recycled!!! Amazing!

  14. Extraordinaria la trasformación esta de lujo.Un abrazo




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