MY APOTHECARY CABINET - painting on glass

I created this wonderful
Apothecary cabinet from an unwanted piece of furniture.


It was a nice looking 1930's 
china cabinet with a few issues.

I did not care for the pointy designs that embellished this
 cabinet, the 2 side panels and door were removed and the
piece along the top. I will save the door for a future project.

I replaced the whole front with a new set of doors making
it much easier to access the storage of the shelves.

Before starting a tear down like this take your time to
 understand how each piece was originally attached.

 This will go along way in getting a clean look when finished.

Here is my first attempt at tackling the glass art and frosting,

Not the right font nor the right word.
Mistakes always offer a clearer direction.


My next attempt would turn out much better.
I made sticky vinyl letters in reverse to create a painting

I put them together myself the old fashioned away
 with a printer and a pair of scissors. No fancy Silhouette
machines here!

 I created the arched line under the word
 with green tape and then I painted the back side of the glass.

I used Martha Steward Craft Paints in a color called 
WEDDING CAKE and sprayed it with my paint gun.

It's available at Michaels and it adheres to multi surfaces
 including glass and is available in many colors.

The APOTHECARY graphic is available here:


A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.

druggist - chemist - pharmacist - dispenser

A beautiful place to store your linens now.

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