THE BIRTHDAY CHAIR - antique white chair

I finished painting and upholstering that green vintage desk chair
I showed you last week. It was done for a special little girl's birthday.

I have a lot of ppl ask if upholstery is easy,
my answer is usually always the same.
It is the tear down that is horrible.

You are dealing with rusty staples and tacks, and this chair had been
re-upholstered before, making it almost impossible to get all the old staples out.
I actually used an angle grinder to deal with most of them. (don't do this at home)
Sometimes you also find animal hair, grass, cotton, and burlap,
all of which are dusty and dirty. So this is not my favorite thing to do.

Once I get past all that and start to rebuild, repaint, and reupholster
I find it fun!

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