APPLIQUE TRICK - his and hers bedside tables

 I'm sharing the secret to my nightstand embellishments,
and how the look can bring two pieces together.

These fancy bits are solid brass and came from a broken mirror frame.

I removed the original front bottom piece of this nightstand and installed a new
piece of wood as well as new legs. 

Then with a pencil traced out the area I wanted cut, so it marched the line of the scrolls.

Next I cut with the jigsaw and sanded the edges smooth.

Because these embellishments are made of metal I had to pre-drill for my nails.

This set of bedside tables started as two different pieces but with similar style.

I brought them together using the same legs, the same pulls, and the same embellishments.


You can find side by side before and after pic here.

Here is a quick look at some of the new hardware available in the Etsy Shop .

There are 1000's of pieces of up-cycled hardware to choose from at 
firstfinds hardware store


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  1. You did a wonderful job transforming them. They are gorgeous and I bet they sell right away. xo Diana

  2. With one on either side of a bed no one would even notice that they are not the same. And even if they do they look great and they really compliment each other.

  3. Another beautiful transformation from the Wizard of Wood! I love the embellishments and new legs.

  4. Always amazing work over here!...nice to see you today!

  5. Whenever I think, maybe, just maybe, I've got this furniture transformation down pat, I come over here and realize I will never be able to pull off what you do ( and I mean NEVER )
    You are simply incredible, really!

  6. Once again, you amaze me. Another thing I would not think to do. Pinning this one too! I am going to become a mini me of you down here in California (with my take on it of course, not copying).

  7. give it your all ! your brain is on a higher level when it comes to repurposing Kristy!! Beautiful job!

  8. Great idea. I love your use of these appliques.