COTTAGE SIGN - lady pamela

Lady Pamela emailed me after stumbling upon my last show in South Surrey,
she also happens to be a fellow blogger that I follow.

Here is some of the email she sent me:
Hi Kristy,
I have been wanting a sign for my home that says "Lady Pamela's Cottage" for many years now,
but could never decide on what style exactly. I really loved the signs you had at the sale.
The only thing that I know for sure is that it has to say "Lady Pamela's Cottage" on it.
Other than that, perhaps my favorite white roses.

I enjoy working on signs and even more when there is a direction as clear as Pamela's.
Her sign is made from a vintage foot board cut to 35" wide to fit her space and an old rose mirror frame.

 Yes Mother if the roses look familiar it is your old mirror from the bathroom.
Don't give me any grief you gave it to me years ago.

The new owner has only seen photos so far but here is some of what she wrote me:
Kristy! My mouth dropped open.
It is soooooo beautiful and perfect.
I can't believe you caught the essence of my decorating soul.
I am giddy with happiness.
Lady Pamela

And now I need a favor from you.

Over the weekend I received a very nice email with this attachment.
Look familiar ??   Look again ...

Katie, a local graphic designer played with my header logo and came up with this.
I think this is so very cool that she did this and now I want you to weigh in on which one you
would like to see when you come to my page.

The new crisp professionally designed one
The old familiar one I made

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