COTTAGE SIGN - lady pamela

Lady Pamela emailed me after stumbling upon my last show in South Surrey,
she also happens to be a fellow blogger that I follow.

Here is some of the email she sent me:
Hi Kristy,
I have been wanting a sign for my home that says "Lady Pamela's Cottage" for many years now,
but could never decide on what style exactly. I really loved the signs you had at the sale.
The only thing that I know for sure is that it has to say "Lady Pamela's Cottage" on it.
Other than that, perhaps my favorite white roses.

I enjoy working on signs and even more when there is a direction as clear as Pamela's.
Her sign is made from a vintage foot board cut to 35" wide to fit her space and an old rose mirror frame.

 Yes Mother if the roses look familiar it is your old mirror from the bathroom.
Don't give me any grief you gave it to me years ago.

The new owner has only seen photos so far but here is some of what she wrote me:
Kristy! My mouth dropped open.
It is soooooo beautiful and perfect.
I can't believe you caught the essence of my decorating soul.
I am giddy with happiness.
Lady Pamela

And now I need a favor from you.

Over the weekend I received a very nice email with this attachment.
Look familiar ??   Look again ...

Katie, a local graphic designer played with my header logo and came up with this.
I think this is so very cool that she did this and now I want you to weigh in on which one you
would like to see when you come to my page.

The new crisp professionally designed one
The old familiar one I made

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  1. I love the sign that you made, what a great idea for the old mirror. Kristy, you inspire me so much with your ideas, and your creativity. As for the 4 love of wood logo, what matters is which one you like the best. I just recently started following your blog and I am hooked. I am in BC as well and I love to work with driftwood but have been upcycling furniture more lately. My projects aren't as amazing as yours so I am really enjoying the ideas and how to on your blog. thankyou take care Tobey

  2. Lady Pamela's sign is stunning - I LOVE it!

  3. The sign you made is perfect! Makes me wish I had a cottage just so I could have a sign like that. :) I love the new logo- the key is gorgeous. I would make "4 the love of wood" just a tad bolder, though.

  4. Since you are asking...I like the new logo. That's not to say that I did not like yours as well, but I love the crisp clear look of the newer one!

  5. First of all, I Love, Love, Love that sign! It's BEAUTIFUL! So funny how you let your mom know it was her old mirror! It sounds exactly like a conversation that I'd have with my mother.
    As for the logo, I really like the new key but how about using the shadowed letters from your original one? It stands out a bit more.

  6. Love your gorgeous sign... how ingenious of you to use the mirror the way you did. You have a such a great eye. I would have never thought to do that.

    Re your new header... I like them both... I think you should choose the one that makes your heart sing.

    Have a great day...


  7. TDC! You know....... too darn cute!


  8. Oh for the love of God...... I see it now. Hmmmmmmm........ I think either is fine, but I kinda think I like the old one because it looks like a real key not a sketch.

    ~Blind Bliss~

  9. About your header - I like the new key, but I would make your Name bolder. Just my 2 cents. ( I suppose we don't have cents anymore, do we - lol)
    BTW - Can't wait to pick up my new work of art. I hopw it inspires me to get back blogging again.

  10. I am with Pamela...switch it up! I love the artistic fibe of the new key!
    Lady Pamela is a sweetie....funny I didn't see her @ your sale! Love the sign you made for her!

  11. I would stay with the old one. It has more gusto! Love your work by the way. I always drool over your stuff.

  12. I love the look of the old key for your logo.
    The new ones nice but isn't what we do ~~ is making new things look old?:)

  13. very PRETTY!!!


  14. Hi, Kristy! I loved the sign!!!
    I like both logos, but if I had to choose I would go with the familiar one. I like familiar things, and I am already used to it.
    Forgot to mention that a few days ago I made drawers stoppers using a paint stick as you showed on your blog. I am so proud of myself! THANK YOU!!!



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