PAINTED HARDWARE - single white distressed nightstand

I finished up another cute shabby chic bedside table

I added a set of cabriole legs.

Painted her in old white ASCP.

Distressed and waxed her so she is super soft to the touch.

But this post is about how I got the fabulous look of the new handles.
I sent the original hardware packing and hired these provincial handles
that I had already painted and given an aged look.

I did them when refinishing a tall boy last month

I simple left the handles on the dresser when I sprayed the turquoise color.

Then lightly distressed with a few hits from the sand paper.

Dark Walnut stain was rubbed over them to add the aged look.
Wax was then applied to bring back the vibrant turquoise color before removing them
from the highboy and letting them set.

Now on the back-drop of the white paint they look marvelous.

I used 4 of them to finish a set of tables that have already found a new home,
 and the final 2 to finish this single night stand below.

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  1. Great idea with the handles! They are right up my street :)

  2. Just lovely! I love the've inspired me to do something in white. My last project was white but modern no distressing allowed so I will have to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration once again!

  3. I am finally ready to tackle a project. It's a dark wood small entrance chest with a matching mirror. Where do you get your chalk paint? Could you give a step by step guide sometime on one of your posts including all the products you use and how you get the originally glossy finish off? I read your blogs every time you post one and love what you do with wood!

  4. Those handles are just gorgeous!!
    The colour and the aged look,I love them!

  5. Beautiful--you are very talented!

  6. Looks amazing! I love how the handles look.
    :) CAS