WE NEED A GUEST ROOM - room makeover

I took our front entry and transformed it into a pretty and comfortable guest bedroom.

Guests are due to arrive soon and the temporary bedroom make-over is complete.
We hope the family enjoys it. Come on in and get the 50 cent tour.

 I built a custom sized bed because the room isn't big enough. We chose to used the Queen size
 BYOB mattress (camping air mattress) because it would be flexible with the fit. 
I built a raised platform underneath so the girl's have tonnes of room to hide their luggage.
There is also extra foam and padding between the wood platform and the air mattress.

I hope they have some great night's of sleep, cause George plans to run them ragged.
Me thinks he forgets he's dealing with a 4 year old.

This is a 136" x 69" room, that's just over 11 feet long by a little under 6 feet wide.



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