A LITTLE MILK PAINT - turquoise country cabinet

I used a little sea green milk paint to achieve a great antiqued or aged effect on this country cabinet I finished.

It didn't start out this nice.
This photo below was taken after 12 hours of repairing, priming, and replacing hardware.

The upper shelving had a missing bit I had to manufacture.
The chest top needed some repairs as well.

Once I had it all primed I distressed it pretty heavily.

I then sprayed a splatter coat of the Sea Green Milk paint over the entire piece,
which even crackled around the handles.

Photo of the Milk Paint Coat was corrupted but you can see the cracking here in a final photo.

Next I tinted more white primer with turquoise
I used 2 pots never fully mixing it so I would have a varying finish in the color.

Sanding all the way thru.

 I prefer to distress after each coat adding to the depth of the finish.

I used the backer board for the top off a spare parts hutch.

I sanded it, primed it, painted it, distress it, stained it, and finally waxed it all before installing.
It's much easier that way but I know it doesn't sound like it.

Before installing the backer I had to stained and wax the rest of the piece,
it did probably take over 2 hours, pheewwf.

I'm giddy with how she turned out,


Double plate rail, you couldn't ask for anything more.


Look at those curves ......... in the wood I mean.

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