SLEEPING BEAUTY - art deco china cabinet


I received an email from a local follower Victoria, asking if I
 wanted a couple of furniture odds and ends she had. Nothing major
 but things I could store and use in the future when necessity called.
 While visiting and talking with Victoria this art deco china cabinet
 came up. She had bought it with great intentions but before
 commencing on the revamping task she came across a second
cabinet that matched her needs better. So it was now up for sale.

Please meet Aurora!

Yes, I named her after sleeping beauty.

Aurora's jewelry looked like that of a night owl's big saucer eyes,

 so it was time to get to working on a new look for this princess

She got a bath, and a new pair of shoes.

A tiara,

and a matching necklace,

She got a new dress

with all the pretty bouquets of flowers

her eyes started to lit up with excitement because

Aurora has even found her prince charming

 in JACK.
You can read more about Jack here.


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