ROBIN'S EGG BLUE - vintage side table

  I spent a nice quite afternoon
  on my deck tinkering away
  at this little table.

The top was loose so I re-glued and nailed it back in place.
Then stripped, sanded, and primed it in white. I did not remove
all the original paint, I wanted high and low spots to play with the
 distressing process.

The color I used was Robin's Egg Blue,
just a small tube of craft paint over the white primer.

The inside of the drawer was primed then
painted in a darker turquoise.

Then I had fun sanding all the imperfections, to make them perfect!
I really do like distressing paint. I chose to hand sand rather then 
use an electric sanded. It offers more control and I don't think the 
swirl marks left my an electric sander look very realistic.

Finally finished it off with a single bright white flower knob.

BEFORE    &       AFTER

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